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Our Story

Many great ideas sprout from the small seed of a casual conversation.


The RAMS Unity Road Trip was no different. Former RAMS Board Chair Cynthia Huie was telling RAMS CEO JayVon Muhammad about how young Chinese Americans often don’t have a connection to Chinatown due, in part, to a lack of education about its history that is far more radical than just a popular spot for shops and restaurants. Having taken African American high school girls from Marin on month-long journeys across the country to learn about racial history, JayVon suggested that RAMS create a similar educational and leadership-building experience with both Chinese American and African American girls. From a conversation between two female community leaders, one Chinese American and one African American, the RAMS Unity Road Trip was born. 


Young people not only have great potential, they wield power that is present and ready. They are energetic, curious, and find no reason to simply accept that racism is inevitable, even in a time when racial violence has exploded. They have the will to organize, to heal their communities, and change the world for the better. What they lack is historical knowledge about how we got here. Learning about racial history has always been a revolutionary act. Building coalitions has always been a revolutionary act.

We intend for the RAMS Unity Road Trip to build leaders for radical community healing. 

Meet The Changemakers

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