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Be our hero

RAMS is excited about being able to host this trip of a lifetime and an opportunity for African American and Chinese American youth to build friendships.  Our goal is to bring back ten Changemakers equipped with the tools to educate and heal their communities.  

You can make be a part of this inaugural RAMS Unity Road Trip in several ways:

1.) Donations that will directly be used for the cost of food/transportation/lodging 
2.) Reaching out to your networks to see if anyone along their route would like to host the group for a meal or lodging
3.) Connecting them to wonderful friends, organizations, museums, exhibits along the route
4.) Connecting RAMS to corporate sponsors that would love to support

5.) Helping us with supplies through our Amazon Wishlist

Also any help amplifying this or supporting the girls would be much needed.

Be sure to follow the trip on Instagram & TikTok - 2023 Unity Road Trip to see how your contribution is working towards this incredible joyous trip!

Feel free to contact us directly at:

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